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Circulus - Thought Becomes Reality

  by Andrew Carver

published: 26 / 8 / 2009

Circulus - Thought Becomes Reality
Label: Mythical Cake
Format: CD


Appealing third album from London-based psychedelic folk act Circulus, whose music is a combination of the traditional and the futuristic

Circulus is a bit of a curiosity – an avowed attempt to blend the medieval with the futuristic. Their latest album ‘Thought Becomes Reality’ works a number of traditional songs – ‘Packington’s Pound’, ‘Tristans Lament’, ‘Summer is Incumen In’ and ‘Kalenda Maya’ – around a narrative of alien visitation and transmutation. Thus the latter tune, a greeting to the spring, becomes an ode to wider-ranging and perhaps stranger changes than new buds on the trees. Although the band has released albums on “metal” labels like Rise Above and Candlelight, the music draws far more on folk and early music – cittern for strings and a variety of wind instruments, including rauschpfeife and crumhorn. These are blended with modern flourishes: Michael Tyack’s guitar can surge and singe with the best of them on tunes like the largely instrumental ‘Fortunate Ones’ and fuzz-fest ‘Trotto’, while a synthesizer rises along with the choral voices on opener ‘Transmuting Power’. Some listeners may also detect a certain empathy for the early Harvest records catalogue. The well-mannered vocals of mainman Tyack has led to more than one comparison with The Incredible String Band. The band’s devoted fanbase don’t need to be told to acquire ‘Though Becomes Reality’, but fans of freak folk and psychedelic music should also lend an ear.

Track Listing:-
1 Transmuting Power
2 Fortunate Ones
3 Guide Our Way
4 Michael's Garden
5 Trotto
6 Packingtons Pound
7 Sumer Is Incumen In
8 Tristans Laments
9 Kalenda Maya
10 Within You Is The Sun

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