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Hush Now - Hush Now

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 5 / 4 / 2009

Hush Now - Hush Now
Label: Noellon Music
Format: CD


Decent-sounding indie rock/pop on debut album from Boston-based band, the Hush Now

The Hush Now are a Boston-based four piece centred around singer-songwriter Noel Kelly who formed the band after he crashed his car into a church listening to a Queen track. 'The Man from Galway' opens this debut album, which is a cover of a track by John Peel-favourite, Ivor Cutler. 'Bedtime Stories' comes next which, like much of the rest of this album, has a decent, solid summery sound. Its jangly guitars have a flow that is reminiscent of Teenage Fanclub. 'Vancouver' and 'Sadie Hawkins' Dance' features guest vocals from former Mighty Lemon Drops' member David Newton, who was that band's guitarist rather than singer. 'Vancouver' is more grungy in tone, but again has a strong pop feel which recalls the Teenage Fanclub. It features some smooth keyboards, and oddly adds a cookery recipe on its end. 'Sadie' has a keyboard intro, a full-on guitar and is a good number to bop to. 'Pining' is slow and somewhat twee in tone. 'Ashes' has something of Belle and Sebastian to it, Its guitar work, while quite smooth, adds fire to this song. 'Subtle' is lush and very twee, as is also the much faster-paced and summery-sounding 'Traditions'. 'Roleplay' is grittier and again has an element of Teenage Fanclub to it. 'Lanlord and the Tenant' is another twee number and also a summer head turner. 'Hiding in Corners' has lush vocals and lots of wah wah guitar.

Track Listing:-
1 The Man From Galway
2 Bedtime Stories
3 Vancouver
4 Saddle Hawkins Dance
5 Pining
6 Ashes
7 Subtle Like Bombs
8 Traditions
9 Roleplay
10 Landlord And The Tenant
11 Hiding In Corners

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