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Vichy Government - White Elephant

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 11 / 8 / 2008

Vichy Government - White Elephant
Label: Filthy Little Angels
Format: CD


Enjoyable new album from blunt lo-fi satirical new wave act, the Vichy Government

Some of their inside jokes and references went over me but the Vichy Government, probably wantonly, draw back to the level of jokery of 'Allo, Allo', the popular television show set in World War II France that even I as a genuine Dutchman know of. I suppose the band chose their name only to poke jokes, and historical subjects prove to be the band's favourites. The Vichy Government are way too blunt an outfit to panel on QI, or similar shows. Their satire attacks many of society's standards, such as controlled manners in everyday life and the mistrust of the unknown as advertised in TV-commercials. Stubborn as Crass, but graced with musical talent unlike the most principled band ever around, the Vichy Government treat every subject they look at with ridicule. The Vichy Government share common ground with left-wing artists from all over the globe, but alas only little of this comes across abroad. 'Picnic at Dzerzshinsk' provides further insight with lines both about walking labrador (dogs) around Hampstead and about an abusive childhood. Meanwhile, lo-fi new wave indie rock in its most rudimentary form provides the background for these tales of the grime. But the ridicule compensates for the reach of the politically inclined tracks on 'White Elephant' and the album aims to go out on a whim. Not without leaving sane messages such as on Side 4; it includes the first mention in pop music of George Galloway that I'm aware of. 'White Elephant' provides a welcome introduction to the Vichy Government, the band, not the cabinet that ruled France after the Great British Escape from Dunkirk

Track Listing:-
1 Death Of A Mummy's Boy
2 The Exterminating Angel Of Greek Street
3 The Greatest Gift Of All
4 I'm Your Pimp
5 The Dog, The Divorcee & Me
6 Winter Forever
7 Joseph Losey
8 Little Fishes
9 Picnic On Pitcairn
10 Abusive Childhood Narrative
11 Tristana
12 My Mail-Order Bride
13 Poor Little Chelsea Fan
14 Fatalism (Teasmaid Forks A)
15 Amnesia Day
16 Memo From Turner
17 We Have An Open Relationship
18 The Teams That Meet In The Blue Legume

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