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Darren Hayman - Great British Holiday EPs

  by Benjamin Howarth

published: 10 / 8 / 2008

Darren Hayman - Great British Holiday EPs
Label: Hefnet
Format: CD


Surpisingly consistent collection of four EPs that former Hefner frontman Darren Hayman recorded while on holiday at various seaside towns across the United Kingdom

Darren Hayman’s furious release schedule continues apace with this collection of four EPs that were recorded on holiday across the United Kingdom. Hayman fans that have not purchased the original EPs will be delighted by the value for money. Twenty tracks are compiled here including four that have not been released before – as well as a DVD that includes videos from each of the EPs. While Hayman’s early work with Hefner was notable for its intensely personal confessional nature, he has now settled into a wry, storytelling style. Fans of his earlier work will still enjoy the material here, Hayman continues to prefer writing about the quirks of seemingly unremarkable lives, and these postcards from Britain’s unfashionable seaside towns (some of these songs were recorded in Butlins!) fit that style perfectly. At twenty tracks, I found it easier to listen to this in small doses – but for a low-key, lo-fi collection, the quality is surprisingly consistent. These songs were recorded simply, cheaply and quickly on holiday, so one can’t expect astonishing quality. But the technical limitations have inspired some of Hayman’s most inventive arrangements, especially on ‘Holiday Road’, which is the first time his love of the Beach Boys has really been reflected in his music. A modest collection, but one that is consistently enjoyable – and shows that a decade on from the first Hefner album, Darren Hayman remains a distinctive and likeable songwriter. It is hard to imagine many other artists producing songs like these.

Track Listing:-
1 Caravan Song
2 Future Song
3 Welcome To Cresswell Towers
4 Loft Song
5 Victim Song (Previously Unreleased)
6 Holiday Road (Bonus Track)
7 Rain All Summertime
8 The Only Kind Of Light I Know
9 Hardcore No More
10 8 Bit World
11 V.A.C.A.T.I.O.N. (Bonus Track)
12 Eastbourne Lights
13 The Musgrave Collection
14 No Military Man
15 Retirement Days
16 Margate (Bonus Track)
17 Out Of Season
18 Say It Ain't So
19 The Way It Seems
20 1976
21 DVD-Video1 The Protons And The Neutrons
22 DVD-Video2 Caravan Song
23 DVD-Video3 Rain All Summertime
24 DVD-Video4 Eastbourne Lights
25 DVD-Video5 Out Of Season
26 DVD-Video6 Interview With Darren Hayman

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