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Miscellaneous - 3/3/2007

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published: 9 / 3 / 2007

Miscellaneous - 3/3/2007


Our 9th Pennyblackmusic Bands Night which took place on the 3rd March featured strong performances from Viarosa, the Bitter Springs, Joe Gideon and the Shark and Andy Thompson. We look back on a great night of music

Sweaty, exhausted, a little drunk…, relieved, excited but most of all happy, those were the feelings that we felt and hopefully everyone who came to the 9th Penny Black Music Night on the 3rd March at the Spitz. This time around the sound check ran unusually on time so the door opened right 7:15 as promised. The first act of the night was soloist Andy Thompson. Andy normally plays with his band Idiot Son so this performance was quite rare. Modest guitar tunes along with Andy’s solid and inspiring voice gave the night a perfect opening. Half way his set through he brought on another guitarist and they played in duet. This rare performance was certainly popular and Andy is intending to continue playing solo, but as we heard a few days ago maybe of even running an acoustic night himself so all the best to him! The next band on were Joe Gideon and The Shark. The band are brother, Joe, and sister, Viva, a duo and ex members of Bikini Atoll, although Bikini Atoll have never actually officially split up. One would think that another duo might be too boring to listen to but due to Viva’s genius at being able to play drums, guitar, glockenspiel, keyboard and sing, pretty much all at the same time, the band played some impressively rich music. The response from the audience was equal. They could have easily been the headliners that night. Bitter Springs, lead by the amazing singer and songwriter Simon Rivers, have been around on the music scene in one form or another for over 20 years. It came across in their vigorous performance. Bitter Springs put on a theatrical and very entertaining show. The way Simon sings and moves around the stage and sometimes even offstage as I have seen in the past makes you feel an essential part of the music and the band. You might say they were another headline act. Viarosa then rounded the night off. The band, who have recently finished touring with ex Soft Boy Robin Hitchcock, brought the evening to a strong close with a powerful set of country blues. The band closed the night with another energetic performance. Singer Richard Neuberg's charismatic voice worked perfectly with the band’s music. So there you go, this time round Penny Black Music Night had 3 headliners! You don’t see that often. We would like to thank Viarosa, Bitter Springs, Joe Gideon and The Shark and Andy Thompson for their great performances and everyone who came along. It certainly was a very memorable night. As for the future, we are currently working towards the 10th Penny Black Music Night, which will take place hopefully in September or October See you at the 10th Night! The Pennyblackmusic Team The photographs that accompany this article were taken by Ben Howarth

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