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Superkings - The Good Sense

  by Emma Dawson

published: 9 / 12 / 2006

Superkings - The Good Sense
Label: Feedback Records
Format: CDS


Mercurial strings-laden second single from new North West english group, the Superkings

Superkings are a new name to emerge from the North West of England, but if this three-track CDS is anything to go by we will definitely be hearing a lot more of them. Strings, piano, guitars and rich vocals all combine mercurially to produce a three-track gem. Although 'The Good Sense' heads up this CDS, it is difficult to pick the best track from the bunch; an argument could be made for each. 'The Good Sense' is an obvious opener given its upbeat melody and catchy vocal line that fairly rattles along on top, but it’s the wonderfully insidious, film-noir quality of 'All Things Considered', and the lovely, haunting melody and strange, obtuse, image-invoking vocals of 'On The Broads' that resonate with the most power. What strikes you most about the Superkings’ sound is that it feels very familiar, while at the same time it seems so far removed from everything else that is out there at the moment. The impression one gets is that they clearly don’t pay much attention to what’s in fashion. There’s an immediacy that makes these tracks memorable after a first listen, but they still retain a sense of gravitas nonetheless. In that respect, this CDS is like a breath of fresh air. The three tracks together reveal both a genuine depth in terms of songwriting and an expert ability to create different sonic moods through exploring the more shadowy areas of both life and music.

Track Listing:-

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