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Dawn Of The Replicants - Fangs

  by Jamie Rowland

published: 18 / 7 / 2006

Dawn Of The Replicants - Fangs
Label: Select Label
Format: CD


Quirky fifth album from experimental Scots-based rockers, Dawn of the Replicants

Dawn of the Replicants fifth studio album is released in time to celebrate their tenth year as a band, and a bloody good anniversary present it is too. Some tracks, such as opener ‘Essence of Maureen’, have a definite essence of Magoo about them, but Dawn of the Replicants add their own unique quirkiness to tracks like ‘Oh, Bumble Bee’ (one of my personal favourites) and the jazz club sounds of ‘Liqueur Lagoon’ to prove that they are very much their own band. Other highlights from the album include the acoustic sing-a-long class of ‘Fix the Air, the almost-regular-rock sounds of ‘Little Driver’ and the organ-drone blues beauty of title-track ‘Fangs’. The album’s closing track, ‘Night Flight and Devilry’, is created entirely from vocal harmonies, and sounds brilliant; one of those closing tracks you want to skip back to the beginning again just so you can experience that big finish once more. SL Records seem to have a knack for finding the most wonderfully endearing and unique bands, and they didn’t let us down when they picked up Dawn of the Replicants.

Track Listing:-
1 essence of maureen
2 oh,bumblebee
3 blue bugle
4 liqueur lagoon
5 warp flows
6 fix the air
7 good morning,its midnight
8 little driver
9 french toast
10 fangs
11 power fitz
12 pterodactyl
13 spear that tear
14 nightflight and devilry

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