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Aggrolites - Aggrolites

  by Daniel Cressey

published: 18 / 6 / 2006

Aggrolites - Aggrolites
Label: Select Label
Format: CD


Catchy and effective reggae on debut album from white boy rockers the Aggrolites, which matches classics from the likes of Jimmy Cliff and Maytalls and remains effective to the original sound

No one raises an eyebrow if white boys take most forms of black music and play it back to its roots. Blues, rap, it is all up for grabs and, critically at least, many of the leading exponents of these have backgrounds far divorced from those that spawned the form. But reggae has always been an exception. Somehow this is one genre that has defied outside interpretation. Well, until now at least. The Aggrolites are perhaps the band who can finally exorcise the memories of UB40. With this set of 19 catchy tunes and equally catchy instrumentals they’ve produced an album as good as classics from Jimmy Cliff or the Maytalls and as faithful to the original sound. This isn’t a slavish tribute harking back to the past though as demonstrated by ‘Countryman Fiddle’. A glorious tale of down home hick boys giving up country in favour of heavy beats and heavy bass this culminates in the backwoods construction of a reggae sound-system. There are also hints of the aggression implied in the band’s name. The Aggrolites’ reggae music appears informed by punk’s spirit and the crossover between these scenes that has to some extent disappeared and been forgotten. Anyone who loves reggae will take this to heart. Everyone else should go and see a doctor – there’s something seriously wrong with you.

Track Listing:-
1 Funky Fire
2 Mr. Misery
3 Time To Get Tough
4 Thunder Fist
5 Countryman Fiddle
6 Work To Do
7 Death At Ten Paces
8 Someday
9 The Volcano
10 Heavier Than Lead
11 Sound Of Bombshell
12 Fury Now
13 5 Deadly Venoms
14 Grave Digger
15 Prisoner Song
16 Love Isn't Love
17 Sound By The Pound
18 Lightning & Thunder
19 A.G.G.R.O.

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