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Crimea - White Russian Galaxy

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 17 / 3 / 2006

Crimea - White Russian Galaxy
Label: Select Label
Format: CDS


Full-blown, mind-tingling new single from epic rockers the Crimea

For as long the Crimea have been on Warner Brothers Records, their mega! mega! label mates The Flaming Lips have taken up all of the attention. From the Crimea's Autumn 2005 album 'Tragedy Rocks', this single has been lifted for a Spring 2006 release as a gentle reminder of the Crimea's sheer magical sense of melody. The 'new radio edit' serves to those whose carspeakers' woofers were blown up, and still are in despair, and in need of repair. Whilst the single 'White Russian Galaxy' (Belarus Galaxy to you and me) is beefed up to bigger proportions, for once bigger proves to be better. Adding up the qualities of the Flaming Lips and Dexy's Midnight Runners, and cutting out their respective whimsical senses of 'the arts', the Crimea achieves a full-blown production which tingles both the mind and which appeals to one's fast-lane instinct. With the Crimea still around, and in good hands, no one should ever 'dread' the prospect of U2 - the Crimea's truly miserable counterpart- ever missing a plane heading east or west, or preferably anywhere else but down. The Crimea strengthen me in my anti U2 belief. One Florence Nightingale nursed soldiers on the Crimea around 1870 or so. You want further recommendation? The peninsula of a war nurse versus a warplane? I have made my decision

Track Listing:-
1 White Russian Galaxy
2 I Think We're Alone Now

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