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Black Motorcycle Rebel Club - Howl

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 20 / 8 / 2005

Black Motorcycle Rebel Club - Howl
Label: Ec
Format: CD


Stunning third album from San Francisco's Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, which finds moving away from their previous distorted sound and looking to country, soul and gospel for their influences

This is the third album from San Francisco's Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. 'Howl' is rich in deep country, soul and gospel and a million miles away from what you would expect from this noisy three piece. It is just as cool and as strong as the last two albums, but may appeal to a new audience as well, which is no bad thing. It opens with 'Shuffle Your Feet' which starts with an intro that sounds like a hymn. When handclaps and an acoustic guitar join in , you can't help but nod your head in agreement, and swim in the deepness of the track. The lyrics are fresh and clean and audioable, and without distortion come over as clear as a morning's sky. The title track is a nod to Allen Ginsberg's lengthy poem from 1956. It has a spiritual vibe and a slow vocal from Peter Hayes, which almost sounds like a confessional before an electric guitar cuts underneath. 'Devil's Waiting' is downbeat and acoustic, and again has a bluesy religous feel, while 'Ain't No Easy Way', which again is acoustic, is perky, upfront and rocking. 'Still Suspicion'was originally a B side, but with songs this good why not use them again ? Featuring a strummed guitar,it is the best song Dylan never wrote. 'Fault Line' has a picked guitar and an echoing vocal from Peter, which totally heartfelt, sounds as if he is singing to you alone. 'Promise' is piano based, a moody piece, sung this time by Robert Been and a song about growing up and moving on, and delivered with an early 70's spiritual groove. 'Weight of the World' is perkier, and , again sung by Robert, recalls Spiritualized. 'Restless Sinner' is down-at-heart Mississipi blues, , while 'Gospel Song', which starts with just an acoustic solo guitar and a tambourine, begins sounding like REM's 'Everybody Hurts.' When the band joins in, it develops an experimental Velvets groove. 'Complicated Situation', which features an acoustic guitar and a mouth organ , again recalls Bob Dylan, while the last track 'Sympathetic Noose' is a country number and a mellow slow burner. This is one of my top 3 albums of the year so far. Anyone who has ever liked Dylan will love it and cherish it forever. An excellent way forward.

Track Listing:-
1 Shuffle Your Feet
2 Howl
3 Devil's Waitin'
4 Ain't No Easy Way
5 Still Suspicion Holds You Tight
6 Fault Line
7 Promise
8 Weight of the World
9 Restless Sinner
10 Gospel Song
11 Complicated Situation
12 Sympathetic Noose
13 The Line / Open Invitation

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