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Richard Buckner - Dents And Shells

  by Daniel Cressey

published: 9 / 2 / 2005

Richard Buckner - Dents And Shells
Label: Fargo Records
Format: CD


"Consummate piece of Americana" from the durable Richard Buckner which while "downtempo and melancholy, yet still manages to be uplifting"

'Dents and Shells' is a consummate piece of Americana. As well as ticking all the requisite boxes – the tired and world weary lyrics, the subtle and pretty guitar work, and the laconic and slightly drawling vocals – it goes beyond simple box ticking to create something rather special out of the sum of its parts. For Buckner has gone through the misery of much alt-country and out the other side. There is a plaintive element to these songs –‘Invitations’ with its “come on, I’d love to talk to you” opening line and the album’s first words “another washout, brakelights showing, probably gonna slow down.” But there is also a feeling that, while things might not be on the way to rosy, the worst has passed. Buckner has made an album that is downtempo and melancholy, yet still manages to be uplifting. Buckner’s songs are also more crafted than some other artists, both on the solid Americana label Fargo and its rivals. There is an undeniable attraction in the basic acoustic guitar with a bit of pedal steel on the side. The variety of the instrumentation and the arrangements on 'Dents and Shells', however, avoids the feeling of monotony that can seep in with some of the more back to basics country. This album should claim a place on the shelves of anyone who likes Americana. And a good few others as well.

Track Listing:-
1 A Chance Counsel
2 Firsts
3 Invitation
4 Straight
5 Her
6 Charmers
7 Fuse
8 Rafters
9 Picture Day
10 As The Waves Will Always Roll

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