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Simpatico - The Boy Is Mine

  by Benjamin Howarth

published: 6 / 8 / 2002

Simpatico - The Boy Is Mine
Label: Gifted
Format: CDS


Six track mini-album from Pennyblackmusic favourites, released to coincide with US tour, which finds main man Jason Sweeney, never quite losing his grasp on indiepop, but alsotaking inspiration from Spiritualised and My Bloody Valentine

Gifted Records have put out a six-track mini-album of some of Jason Sweeney’s recordings under the moniker of Simpatico to celebrate Simpatico's recent US tour. Jason is now a veteran of two Pennyblackmusic interviews so I suggest that if you don’t know much about him then you might want to read those to get r the full picture. This mini-album is so quick on the heels of Simpatico's full debut album, 'The Difference Between Alone And Lonely” that it is difficult to appreciate it as anything other than an extension of that album. It is, however, unlike both the album and 2000's, 'The Postal Museum EP' in that it is a collection of separate tracks rather than a single cohesive recording. Some of the tracks were self produced, others not and this makes the album feel more like a compilation. In terms of quality though it is arguably as strong as his previous material. It opens with an alternative version of 'Arrogance', a song that didn’t stand out on the first album but elevated to being the lead track really impresses, with a driving rhythm and expressive vocal performance reminiscent of Spiritualised and at times My Bloody Valentine. It’s quite incredible to think how far Jason has come since the indiepop of 'The Postal Museum EP', and I believe that this style suits his abilities far more. Jason has not stepped away from indiepop entirely, as demonstrated by the “da da da’s” on 'This Has Nothing To Do With You'. This song is very far removed from the likes of the Lucksmiths, but is clearly melodic and imaginative, and shouldn’t alienate his indiepop fan base at all. Indeed the beautiful cover of Joe Jackson’s '“Steppin’ Out' will delight anyone in love with classic pop, but by being performed on keyboards and synths only also demonstrates Jason’s love of experimentation and hints of his other band, the electronica outfit Other People’s Children. It seems that Jason is approaching his heroes Stereolab in terms of the range of his ideas and the quality of his songwriting. This is an ideal introduction to his music, and I guarantee that having heard this you will want to hear lots more.

Track Listing:-
1 Arrogance (Version)
2 Firebug
3 How Could Anyone Not Love You
4 There Is No End To This Day
5 This Has Nothing To Do With You
6 Steppin Out

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