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Bluebottle Kiss - Ounce Of Your Cruelty

  by Olga Sladeckova

published: 11 / 4 / 2002

Bluebottle Kiss - Ounce Of Your Cruelty
Label: Sugar Shack
Format: CDS


Debut UK release for Australian group, who have drawn comparisions with both the Go-Betweens and Coldplay

Bluebottle Kiss, a rock band from sunny Australia, have recently released a new single ‘Ounce Of Your Cruelty’. Bluebottle Kiss's music has gained comparation to bands such as Coldplay or The Go-Betweens. I assume not so much for their sound, but for the self-consciousness of their lyrics. The leading track of the single, ‘Ounce Of Your Cruelty’, will pleasantly surprise you with its sophisticated sound It peacefully bump arounds with Jamie Hutchings’ vocals, who in his lyric asks "Could you just have a heart?" so that he can manage to deal with the cruelty that he has been dealt by life. At the end the music drifts off and the last few lines of the lyric make you shiver with their convincing approach. The next two tracks were recorded live to allow you into a more private, but otherwise equally accessible and warm part of the band’s sound. ‘Give Up The Ghost’ comes across as slightly rough, but then you get caught up in a fast drumbeat that over flows with energy. The bass guitar on ‘Ice On The Road’ give it a lower and darker sound than the previous track. Clearly from the beginning, the lyric play the main role and are delivered in courageous style against an occasional soft murmur of bass. At the and of the song the vocals glide into the music and swells up pulling all their emotions out and then float off, slowly disappearing into silence. ‘Ounce Of Your Cruelty’ came out just before the band’s new album ‘Revenge Is Slow'. Treat yourself to that as well.

Track Listing:-
1 Ounce Of Your Cruelty
2 Give Up Your Ghost
3 Ice On The Road

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