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La Nuit Americaine - Serenadze

  by Olga Sladeckova

published: 17 / 12 / 2001

La Nuit Americaine - Serenadze
Label: La Nuit
Format: CD


La Nuit Americaine, an Italian post-rock group from Bologna, first appeared on the music scene in 1999. The band emerged from the ashes of My Blue Dome, who broke up in 1998 after releasing just one E

La Nuit Americaine, an Italian post-rock group from Bologna, first appeared on the music scene in 1999. The band emerged from the ashes of My Blue Dome, who broke up in 1998 after releasing just one EP. The main force behind LNA's music is Christian, who is assisted by Emiliano and from time to time by Teresa on violin who joins the band for its live performances. 'Serenadze', the band's debut album, was released earlier this year. The album is only available through Perversionmecanique Records in France and now exclusively also , with special artwork, on the Pennyblackmusic site. There is no one word or phrase that can perhaps adequately characterise the music of LNA, but ,if pushed, I would say that 'Seranadze' is a form of "soulfully honest expressionism". The entire 'Seranadze' set has an unbreakable wholeness to it. Listening carefully though , you will find that every single song has its own spirit. The 'nuit' experience begins unhurriedly with drumming piano on 'Everything Led To This', an instrumental track. The music seems to have been produced at night time as it is full of the sort of noises that we only pay attention to and hear then . Christian's voice appears for the first time on the following track 'For My New Balance', flowing in a stream of trebling sounds and directing the music towards his own imagination. Mind inspiring guitar dominates the background of 'Whispers', the third song. The rest of the instruments unpredictably press in on it and expand the sound . The inside stream of the band's music comes across as quite dark, and, to balance the situation, Christian blending his strong-minded guitar against a fluctuating piano. Downhill' is outstanding with its "twisted" rhythm. The song starts off calmly and peacefully, but, as it progresses, the rhythm goes lightly up and when vocals are added, the "honest expressionism" is further raised. The whole nine-track set creatively plays with instrumental noises. The way the complete sound comes together, however, seems to be calculated right down to the last hit of the piano. The album is closed by 'Autumn: Sunset of My Hero'. The song has been composed in fragments which are produced by variety of instruments.The way they wander around has no rules but they perfectly complement each other. Christian's voice takes over the lead and in collaboration with the music brings the album to a sharp end. You will be surprised how compelling this American Night can get the more you listen to it. Its side effects spiritually enrich the music, and the album has been mixed so that they become prevalantly and noticeably strong with each new listening. More information can be found out about La Nuit Americaine at www.lanuitamericaine.com

Track Listing:-
1 Everything Led To This
2 As An Intro For My New Balance
3 Whispers
4 Swayin By No Chances
5 Downhill
6 A Certain Goodbye
7 Fancy Dress Parade
8 Serenade
9 Autumn Sunset Of My New Hero

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