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Dominic B. Simpson - Reviews

Psyche Bugyo

Psychedelic Judgeman Comes, He Has the Cherry Blossom on the Shoulder
Accessible and upbeat psychedelia/Krautrock on debut album from Psyche Bugyo, the side project of Acid Mothers Temple bassist and vocalist Atsushi Tsuyama

Halo Halo

Halo Halo
Off-kilter and unique debut album from London-based trio Halo Halo, which is partially sung in Filipino and fronted by electric banjo-player Rachel Horwood

Acid Mothers Temple

Doobie Wonderland
Stunning Krautrock and 60's prog rock-influential latest album from erratic but often brilliant Japanese psychedelic collective, Acid Mothers Temple

Doomed Bird of Providence

The Bell of the Jardines/The Death Flurry
Compelling new double A-sided single from unique-voiced London-based outfit the Doomed Bird of Providence, which looks at the gruesome fates that fell upon two different sets of early Australian explorers

Jackie-O Motherfucker

Earth Sound System
Erratic and inconclusive latest album from Portland, Oregon-based experimentalists, Jackie O Motherfucker, which lacks the coherence of their previous offerings

Flowers of Hell

Meticulously layered third album from Canadian-British collective the Flowers of Hell, largely inspired by leader Greg Jarvis's synaesthia, which is on the borders between classic music and rock


Become Secret
Minimal and bleak, but compelling fourth album from Picastro, the project of genetically deaf singer-songwriter Liz Hysen, which includes a guest appearance from Owen Pallett on violin

Sunburned Hand Of The Man

Engrossing vinyl only latest album from Boston-based act Sunburned Hand of the Man, which released under the moniker of Sunburned, proves remarkably comprehensive despite the band releasing another twelve albums last year


Long-awaited and more lighter-toned third album from brooding Philadelphian psychedelic folk set, Espers

James Blackshaw

The Glass Bead Game
Spellbinding latest album from distinctive London-based fingerpicking guitarist, James Blackshaw, who, despite being still in his twenties, has already managed to release an impressive back-catalogue of material

Wooden Shjips

Vol 1
Innovative and triumphant psychedelic space rock on compilation of early material from San Francisco-based group, Wooden Shjips

Jack Rose

Dr. Ragtime And His Pals / Self-Titled
Evocative, but patchy 30's-influenced bloues on double CD from Philadelphian guitarist which eventually ends up being too much of a good thing

Six Organs Of Admittance

Shelter from the Ash
Accessible latest album from tbe blues/drone-influenced Six Organs of Admittance, the solo project of Comets on Fire guitarist Ben Chasny, which seems potentially set to lead him to a bigger audience


Love is Simple
Adventurous fourth album from the Akron/Family, wwhose music incorporates elements of American folk blues, jazz, electronics, noise and free psychedelic rock

Sunburned Hand Of The Man

Fire Escape
Accessible latest album from freeform psychedelic collective Sunburned Hand of the Man, which in their large catalogue proves to be their most coherent and concise in a while


Gala Mill
Lyrically-stunning whiskey-soaked blues rock on second album from brooding Australians, the Drones

Wolf Eyes

Human Animal
Scabrous industrial electro rock from abrasive Michigan three-piece Wolf Eyes, which proves to be possibly their strongest release yet

Comets On Fire

70's inspired psychedelic and free-folk inspired rock on fourth album from much acclaimed Californian group Comets on Fire

Red Krayola

Experimental, but messy psychedella from influential Texan 60's act the Red Krayola, back after a long absence

Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti

House Arrest
Baffling, demanding and ulitmately grating 80's nostalgia kitsch from Ariel Pink, which despite being released on the Animal Collective's Paw Tracks label, long outstays its limited welcome

Mandarin Movie

Mandarin Movie
Atmospheric, experimental debut album from Mandarin Movie, the project of Rob Mazurek, a co-founder of the Chicago Underground Orchestra and who has previously worked with Stereolab, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Tortoise and Royal Trux


First album under his own moniker for former Slint, Papa M and Tortoise guitartst David Pajo, which finds him putting aside some of the abtractness of his past work, but also in the process laying "claim to be a great songwriter"

Mice Parade

Bem-vinda Vontade
Compelling genre-defying electronica from Mice Parade, the alias of New Yorker Adam Pierce, which never overstays its experimental indulgences

Animal Collective

Prospect Hummer
New single from psychedelic ethno-folk New York trio the Animal Collective, which finds them collaborating with mysterious cult 60’s British folk singer Vashti Bunyan


Difficult and ultimately disappointing electronica from usually impressive Sheffield duo Autechre

Asteroid No. 4

Hit and miss third album from Philadelphia's Asteroid No. 4, which finds them moving away from their space rock roots and taking up classic rock and American country


I Felt Nothing At All
Difficult, but highly rewarding debut album from Nottingham 6 piece instrumental post rock group, Souvaris


Instantly classic lo-fi punk from Seattle four-piece Shoplifting, whose debut EP sounds "like a wild cross between Sonic Youth, the Jesus Lizard and the two Liars albums"


"Languid and reflective" seventh and final album from New York rockers Luna, which proves to be "a fitting swansong for an overlooked band that never quite got their dues"

Would Be Goods

The Morning After
Sophisticated and existential indie pop on fourth album from much acclaimed long-serving London-based group, the Would-Be-Goods


Ringing In My Ear
Melancholic folk-inspired rock from former Fridge bassist and London-based home recorder , Adem, whose debut album 'Homesongs' has proved to be one of the albums of the year


Rape Scene
Disappointing third solo album from Spiritualized keyboardist and Julian Cope, Coil and Damo Suzuki collaborator Thighpaulsandra

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