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Gillian Fish - Reviews

Wolf Alice

My Love is Cool
Phenomenal debut album from the difficult to pin-down Wolf Alice, which switches effortlessly from folk to grungey guitars

September Girls

Likeable noise pop on vinyl only debut single from Dublin-based female five piece, September Girls

Hunter and the Bear

Forest on the Hill
Promising debut single from harmonic London-based folk trio, Hunter and The Bear


Abrasive and intense but bleakly humorous debut album from controversial Derbyshire-based sibling duo, Drenge

Fawn Spots/Scott and Charlene's Wedding

Basin/Lucky Charms
Excellent garage rock on 7” split single between Yorkshire’s Fawn Spots and Australia’s Scott and Charlene’s Wedding, released to coincide with a joint UK tour

Surf City

We Knew It Was Not Going to be Like This
Laid back and summery surf pop on second album from New Zealand-based band, Surf City

Friday Club

All I Wanna Do is
Instantly infectious and catchy free download single from Birmingham-based indie pop-punk outfit, Friday Club

Turnpike Glow

Fünke Pop
Upbeat and quirky combination of indie rock, psychedelia and pop on second EP from Rome-formed but now London-based band, Turnpike Glow


Fantastic grunge rock on debut album from Melbourne-based all girl band, Valentiine

OK Social Club

Nothing in Common
Monotonous indie guitar rock on debut album from Edinburgh-based band the OK Social club, whose talkes of drunkenness and nostalgia quickly become repetitive and dull

Skint and Demoralised

The Bit Between the Teeth
Socially aware yet upbeat third album from Skint and Demoralised, the project of Wakefield-based poet and musician Matt Abbott

Fuzzy Lights

Rule of Twelfths
Dreamy folk on beautifully packaged third album from Cambridge-based group, Fuzzy Lights


Ancient Mars
Chilled out and enjoyable, but not especially distinctive second album from Canadian duo, the Zolas


Stitches in the Flag
First-rate debut album from Cornwall-based, folk-inspired pop punk outfit, Crowns

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