Gillian Fish - Reviews

Wolf Alice

Wolf Alice - My Love is Cool

Phenomenal debut album from the difficult to pin-down Wolf Alice, which switches effortlessly from folk to grungey guitars

September Girls

September Girls - Heartbeats

Likeable noise pop on vinyl only debut single from Dublin-based female five piece, September Girls

Hunter and the Bear

Hunter and the Bear - Forest on the Hill

Promising debut single from harmonic London-based folk trio, Hunter and The Bear


Drenge - Drenge

Abrasive and intense but bleakly humorous debut album from controversial Derbyshire-based sibling duo, Drenge

Fawn Spots/Scott and Charlene's Wedding

Fawn Spots/Scott and Charlene's Wedding - Basin/Lucky Charms

Excellent garage rock on 7” split single between Yorkshire’s Fawn Spots and Australia’s Scott and Charlene’s Wedding, released to coincide with a joint UK tour

Surf City

Surf City - We Knew It Was Not Going to be Like This

Laid back and summery surf pop on second album from New Zealand-based band, Surf City

Friday Club

Friday Club - All I Wanna Do is

Instantly infectious and catchy free download single from Birmingham-based indie pop-punk outfit, Friday Club

Turnpike Glow

Turnpike Glow - Fünke Pop

Upbeat and quirky combination of indie rock, psychedelia and pop on second EP from Rome-formed but now London-based band, Turnpike Glow


Valentiine - Valentiine

Fantastic grunge rock on debut album from Melbourne-based all girl band, Valentiine

OK Social Club

OK Social Club - Nothing in Common

Monotonous indie guitar rock on debut album from Edinburgh-based band the OK Social club, whose talkes of drunkenness and nostalgia quickly become repetitive and dull

Skint and Demoralised

Skint and Demoralised - The Bit Between the Teeth

Socially aware yet upbeat third album from Skint and Demoralised, the project of Wakefield-based poet and musician Matt Abbott

Fuzzy Lights

Fuzzy Lights - Rule of Twelfths

Dreamy folk on beautifully packaged third album from Cambridge-based group, Fuzzy Lights


Zolas - Ancient Mars

Chilled out and enjoyable, but not especially distinctive second album from Canadian duo, the Zolas


Crowns  - Stitches in the Flag

First-rate debut album from Cornwall-based, folk-inspired pop punk outfit, Crowns