OK Social Club - Nothing in Common

  by Gillian Fish

published: 30 / 4 / 2013

OK Social Club - Nothing in Common

Label: Platform Records
Format: CD
Monotonous indie guitar rock on debut album from Edinburgh-based band the OK Social club, whose talkes of drunkenness and nostalgia quickly become repetitive and dull


I didn’t really know anything about Edinburgh band the OK Social Club before I listened to their full length debut 'Nothing in Common', but after giving it a few plays it is clear the main themes are getting drunk and reminiscing about the "good old days". Not ground-breaking subjects to base an album on, but ones that have worked for many indie bands before. There are comparisons to be made between the OK Social Club and fellow Scot rockers the View. In fact frontman Raff Eragona is fairly similar to the View's Kyle Falconer, with his Scottish accent evident. I found it difficult to discuss the songs on 'Nothing in Common' individually; It seems there is a formula the band follows for every song - simple guitar riffs and lyrical content about alcohol – occasionally it provides moments of promising indie pop but then it all just blends into one. ‘Little Broken Bones’, the second track on the album, is the one I would say stands out as having the most potential; it has catchy guitar melodies and interesting vocals by Eragona, delivered with a bit more emotion than on some of the other songs. There are also a couple of highlights on this album that stand alone as singles. ‘The Late 90s’ is the Radio 1 friendly track from the album that will remain stuck in your head (whether you like it or not). And single ‘The Shape of Things to Come’ will no doubt fill a few indie disco floors across the country. Personally I feel The OK Social Club’s debut album is lacking in depth and originality with far too many fillers and samey guitar tone. In fact at first I was left wondering if I had put the first song on repeat. They will, however, no doubt cater for the ‘lad rock’ market with their tales of drunkenness and nostalgia.

Track Listing:-

1 Getting Away with It
2 Little Broken Bones
3 C'mon
4 The Shape of Things to Come
5 Gezellig
6 Diffidence Dance
7 The Late 90's
8 She Said, You Said
9 Twisted Young Gentlemen
10 Everybody's At It

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