Crowns - Stitches in the Flag

  by Gillian Fish

published: 12 / 1 / 2013

Crowns  - Stitches in the Flag

Label: Ship Wreckords
Format: CD
First-rate debut album from Cornwall-based, folk-inspired pop punk outfit, Crowns


Crowns are not the sort of band that will appeal to everyone’s taste; their folk-inspired pop punk means they encapsulate a unique sound, which sits somewhere in between Blink 182 and the indie-folk that has become increasingly popular in the last few years. ‘Stitches in the Flag’, their debut album, comes out on their own label Ship Wreckords (note the nautical inspiration). Crowns hail from Cornwall, and their nod towards traditional Cornish folk music is clearly evident on their album with mandolin and banjo featuring heavily throughout. The opening title track is a stomping statement of a song which lays down from the start exactly what this band are about. The second song, ‘Four Walls’, gallops along with its catchy ‘chant like’ verses. This album is full of reference to their home town of Launceston which can be heard on tracks such as ‘China Clay’ – “People live here more than twice a year” is a clear dig at the nature of Cornwall as a second home location and is a standout song on ‘Stitches in the Flag’ that has single written all over it. They show a more sensitive side on ‘My London’, which is a tender, melancholy tribute to the city where the band recorded the album. This song showcases singers Bill Jefferson’s vocal talents and really pulls on the heartstrings; no doubt this track will be used on several television montages about the Capital. ‘Boscastle Breakdown’ is a speedy tale of ‘dancing on gravestones’ (a Cornish tradition apparently), while the closing track is the band’s version of ‘Little Eyes’, originally an American song which has now been adopted by the folk of Cornwall. Instrumental track ‘Windmill Hill’ shows how impressive Crowns are when just playing their instruments and provides a break from the constant tempo of the songs either side. ‘Parting in the Porch’ manages to combine the jangly sound of the mandolin with some heartfelt lyrics about growing up in a small town and coming of age. This album is full of short, punchy tracks which really give us an idea what Crowns are about. Although not necessarily a band I would immediately be drawn to, ‘Stitches in the Flag’ has impressed me and leaves me wanting to experience one of their live shows which can only be a good sign.

Track Listing:-

1 Stitches In The Flag
2 Four Walls
3 China Clay
4 My London
5 Full Swing
6 She Gets Me (Where I Wanna Be)
7 Boscastle Breakdown
8 Windmill Hill
9 Parting In The Porch
10 Safe Train Home
11 Little Eyes

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