Valentiine - Valentiine

  by Gillian Fish

published: 10 / 6 / 2013

Valentiine - Valentiine

Label: Integrity Records
Format: CD
Fantastic grunge rock on debut album from Melbourne-based all girl band, Valentiine


Valentiine are an all-girl 'scrunge rock' trio from Melbourne, Australia. They have recently signed to UK label Integrity Records after playing plenty of pub gigs around their home city and more recently making appearances at festivals across Europe. Their sound is reminiscent of 90’s grunge bands, with elements of Hole and lead singer Vanessa’s voice sounding like Garbage’s Shirley Manson at points. Generally all-girl grunge rock groups are not something that I listen to all that much, but having heard a lot of hype about Valentiine I was really interested to hear the album. Valentiines’self-titled debut encompasses screaming vocals, pop guitars and raw emotions. ‘Never Forget You’ is an angst-filled track with a great bass line that makes the head banger in you want to come out, and ‘Birthday’ is six minutes of heart on sleeve lyrics, seemingly dealing with several emotions; the track effortlessly shifts from loud to soft and back again. The first track ‘Love Like’ is the girl’s first UK single, and contains one of the catchiest hooks on the album with a pop punk vibe. At just over six minutes 'Better For Me' is another epic track. It has scuzzy guitars and a Nirvana-esque feel to it and is probably my favourite on 'Valentiine'. 'Today Is Tomorrow', the final song on the album, is a brooding number that is mellow before gradually building into a crescendo of noise. This band can do crashing guitars and shout-out vocals but they also write great melodies and poor all their emotions into the songs. I would imagine as a live band they are even more impressive. Sure they may not be entirely original, but I can’t help but feel Valentiine have produced an album that may inspire a generation of teenage girls to pick up a guitar.

Track Listing:-

1 Love Like
2 Chucky
3 Birthday
4 Finch
5 When You Want
6 Hates Me
7 Never Forget You
8 Animal
9 Better for Me
10 Kick It
11 Today's Tomorrow

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