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Fiona Hutchings - Profiles

Attila the Stockbroker

Attila the Stockbroker - Heart on My Sleeve: Collected  Works

Fiona Hutchings generally finds poetry a bit hit or miss and now she has Attila The Stockbroker in her sights.


Miscellaneous - The Clash: Every Album, Every Song

Nick Assirati sets out to make the music of The Clash accessible to newcomers and/or younger fans. Fiona Hutchings investigates whether he succeeds.

JB Morrison

JB Morrison - A Godawful Small Affair

Following the success of his memoir last year, JB Morrison, the former frontman of Carter USM, is back with his fifth novel. Fiona Hutchings ponders whether 'Stranger Things coming to Brixton' is a good thing.


Miscellaneous - The Sounds of Sheffield 1978-1988

Proud Sheffielder Fiona Hutchings checks out the latest curated collection from Cherry Red Records promising plenty of punk and post punk gems, including twelve previously unreleased tracks.

Lee Thompson

Lee Thompson - One Man's Madness

Madness fan Fiona Hutchings enjoys 'One Man's Madness', a very different type of documentary focusing on the band's idiosyncratic saxophonist, Lee Thompson.


Miscellaneous - 27: Gone Too Soon

The 27 Club has its own sort of exclusivity but what does it take to end up a member? Fiona Hutchings is left wondering where we place the blame in Simon Napier-Bell's new documentary film, '27: Gone Too Soon'.


Miscellaneous - Back to Black: Amy Winehouse's Only Masterpiece

Donald Brackett's new book might claim to focus on Amy Winehouse but Fiona Hutchings fears his attempts at context just cloud the issue


Ub40 - Profile

Just like the history of the band themselves, Fiona Hutchings finds 'UB40 Featuring Ali, Mickey & Astro Unplugged' paired with the original band's greatest hits a complicated and sometimes challenging combination

Del Amitri

Del Amitri - Del Amitri

Fiona Hutchings reflects on the history of Scottish rock/pop act Del Amitri, who, to coincide with their first tour in a decade, are about to have three of their albums, 1989's 'Waking Hours', 1992's 'Change Eveything' and 1995's 'Twisted', re-released in double CD editions

Chris Haddon

Chris Haddon - Convoy

Fiona Hutchings enjoys Sam Peckinpah's 1978 Country and Western/trucker saga 'Convoy', which has just been re-released on DVD


Miscellaneous - Love, Marilyn

Fiona Hutchings examines new Marilyn Monroe documentary 'Love, Marilyn', which drawing on never before seen papers, letters and diaries is told from the perspective of several contemporary actresses including Glenn Close and Uma Thurman


Miscellaneous - She Bops: The Definitive History of Women in Rock, Pop and Soul:

Fiona Hutchings finds groundbreaking Lucy O’ Brien’s history on women in popular music, ‘She Bop’, which has just been published in a third edition


Nirvana - Entertain Us: The Rise of Nirvana

Fiona Hutchings reflects upon Seattle-based journalist Gillian G. Gaar's meticulously researched and fantastic new biography on Nirvana's early years


Selecter - Black By Design: A 2 Tone Memoir

Fiona Hutchinhs finds Selecter frontwoman Pauline Black has lost none of her uncompromising edge in her brutally, but refreshingly honest autobiography, 'Black By Design'


Miscellaneous - 8th Annual Indie Video Music Festival 2009

Fiona Hutchings finds the contents of the short list of 8th Annual Indie Video Music Festival, which is currently touring and will shortly be released on DVD, to be a decidely mixed bag

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