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Sarah Maybank - Live Music Reviews

Nitin Sawhney

Nitin Sawhney - Union Chapel, London, 4/11/2011

Sarah Maybank watches Indian-British musician, producer and composer Nitin Sawhney play a stunning set at the Union Chapel in London to promote his new album, 'Last Days of Meaning'


Ladytron - Forum, London, 8/6/2011

Sarah Maybank watches electronic act Ladytron play a mesmerisingly chilly but muscular greatest hits set at the Forum in London


Moriarty - Dingwalls, London, 4/11/2009

Sarah Maybank finds spellbinding a short set from Americana act Moriarty at a show at the Union Chapel in London

King Khan

King Khan - Dirty Water Club, London, 12/12/2008

Canadian garage rocker King Khan and his band the Shrines recently played their first ever British dates. Sarah Maybank watches him play an inflammatory set like a man deranged at the London Dirty Water Club


Tricky - Barbican, London, 6/10/2008

Sarah Maybank finds Tricky's fire and brimstone trip hop spellbinding at his first London show in five years at the Barbican


Postcards - ICA, London, 29/5/2008

At the ICA in London, Sarah Maybank enjoys a set of feral dance rock from the dressed-for-the-office, but frantically energetic XX Teens

Hanoi Rocks

Hanoi Rocks - Pure Groove Records, London, 15/2/2008

At the tiny venue of Pure Groove Records, possibly north London's smallest record shop, Sarah Maybank is both impressed and scared by upbeat Australian teenage five piece Operator Please's professionalism and musical talent

Victorian English Gentlemens Club

Victorian English Gentlemens Club - Islington Academy, London, 21/11/2007

Sarah Maybank watches Cardiff trio the Victorian English Gentlemens Club blast their way through a breathtakingly frenzied but unmelodic set at the London Islington Academy

Graham Day & the Gaolers

Graham Day & the Gaolers - Dirty Water Club, London, 2/11/2007

Sarah Maybank watches Graham Day, the former frontman with garage rockers the Prisoners and Solarflares, blast his way through a firestorming set with his new band the Gaolers at the Dirty Water Club in London

Charlotte Hatherley

Charlotte Hatherley - Borderline, London, 24/10/2007

Sarah Maybank at the Borderline in London watches former Ash guitarist Charlotte Hatherley rework her second solo album 'The Deep Blue' to stunning effect as an intimate, 'Unplugged'-style acoustic set

Angels Of Light

Angels Of Light - Astoria 2, London, 1/11/2007

At the Astoria 2 in London, Sarah Maybank watches experimental art trio Animal Collective play a dark relationship conflict-inducing, but hit-and-miss set

Nitzer Ebb

Nitzer Ebb -

At the lavish Bournemotuh Opera House, Sarah Maybank watches Sly Stone, back on the stage with his Family Stone after many years away, blunder and tantrum his way through a shambolic set

Hawk And A Hacksaw

Hawk And A Hacksaw - Bush Hall, London, 11/5/2007

At the Bush Hall in London, Sarah Maybank is thrust into a frenzied set of joyous madness by Eastern European-influenced folk rockers, A Hawk and a Hacksaw

Tiny Dancers

Tiny Dancers - King's College, London, 5/1/2006

Sarah Maynard at the Kings College in London watches acoustic pop act Tiny Dancers make an early claim towards being a potential stadium act of the future

Stuffy/The Fuses

Stuffy/The Fuses - King's College, London, 5/12/2006

At a show at King's College in London, Sarah Maybank enjoys the all-out assault of fuzzed-up gunfire riffs and impossible to dance to rhythms of art rockers and end of the pier humourists, Stuffy/The Fuses


Levellers - Bethnal Green Pleasure Unit, London, 11/11/2006

New Pennyblackmusic writer Sarah Maybank watches Welsh pop art punks the Loves play a vibrant and exciting set at Bethnal Green Pleasure Unit in London

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