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Darrell Angus


Okkervil River

Okkervil River's debut album 'Don't Fall In Love With Everyone You See' was one of the best indie folk releases of last year. Darrell Angus speaks to group leader Will Robinson Sheff about the band's rise and rapidly increasing profile

Norfolk and Western
Appendix Out
Peter Jeffries

As well as running his own recording studio in Portland, Oregon, producer and engineer Adam Selzer also fronts his own indie collective, Norfolk & Western. He speaks to Darrell Angus about the group's recently released third album 'A Winter Farewell'
Scottish band Appendix Out have in the last few years attracted an increasing following over three albums with their melancholic folk tales. Darrell Angus pops mainman Alasdair Roberts some questions.
The Princeton Reverb Colonials have just released their fantastic new record 'The Princeton Reverbs Colonial...and the Flute to Float the Soldiers Sword' which is full of buzzing pop songs that relay

Essex Green
Silo the Huskie

After hearing the new record by The Essex Green, I was immediately drawn in by the great songwriting and vocal harmonies on all the songs. I recently had the chance to correspond with band member Sas
Pennyblack writer Cara Ross turned me on to Silo the Huskie and I've never looked back. Their latest album is some of the best balls-out rock and roll I've heard in a long time...honest, down-to-earth

Favourite Albums

Beach Boys

When John asked me to pick a favorite album of all time, it was easy. It's a record I've listened to consistently over the last 20 years and it always brings a smile to my face.-'Pet Sounds' by the Be


Alternative Rock

In his last article for Pennyblackmusic as a reviewer, Darrell Angus concludes by examining three of his favourite current alt. rock releases


Jason Walker
Norfolk and Western
Asylum Street Spankers

"Outstanding" mix of covers and originals by Australian alt. country star and former Golden Rough frontman, Jason Walker
Spectacular second album of "twangy lullabies and ambient folk" from Vancouver consortium, which will prove popular with fans of Giant Sand, Wilco and the Pernice Bros
"Outstanding" third album of "rootsy, folk rock" from Portland, Oregon based collective that makes unusual use of instrumentation
Tongue-in-cheek, but "fine amalgamation of oldtime blues, country and jazz", which is mainly about smoking marijuana

Pipes You See Pipes You Don’t
Marshmallow Coast
Pilot Ships
Princeton Reverbs Colonial

Excellent solo release from former Olivia Tremor Control keyboardist, Pete Erhick is "a fine psych/pop record which will appeal to any fans of the genre. If" you think Beatles and Beach Boys jamming with the Pink Floyd... you're in the right area. "
It's getting harder and harder to keep track of all the Elephant 6 related records being put out these days. Every other week there seems to be a new release and luckily most of them are good at forgi
Sometimes the best records are the ones that barely register at all. Who says its got to be about loud guitars and pounding drums? The Pilot Ships have constructed an atmospheric record which is compr
Out of New Hampshire, USA, comes the Princeton Reverbs Colonial with their new full length"...and the flute to float the soldiers sword." Glorious fuzzy powerpop is what can be expected. The use o

Beachwood Sparks
Golden Rough
3 Mile Pilot
Amor Gabriel Naim

Blazing trails in indie music can be hard these days. Everyone is either striving for originality or looking to the past for inspiration. Beachwood Sparks have managed to do both. The Byrds, Gram
What does it take to make a great record? For me its easy. The answer is good songs. I love it when a song wraps itself around your head. Golden Rough's second album, "This Sad Paradise", does exactly
San Diego's hardest hitters, Three Mile Pilot, offer up another winner with 'Songs from an Old Town We Once Knew'. An absolutely stunning package of 7" singles and unreleased material that plainly sho
This is the first solo outing for Gabriel Amor (one half of avant -pop duo Amor/Belhom) and its quite wonderful in its scope. This all instrumental mini-album ranges from ambient French pop to sparse

Bonnie Prince Billy
Chappaquiddick Skyline
Essex Green

What can I say about the ever-prolific Will Oldham which hasn't already been said? As usual. his new album is a complete stunner, but is also easily his most joyous. Oldham's last full length 'I S
Joe Pernice's latest incarnation, Chappaquidick Skyline, is a melancholic record full of beautifully quiet instrumentation and breathy vocals that recall a time when records were about the music, no
Everything is green...again. The latest branch of the Elephant 6 family tree, the Essex Green, have produced an album of soothing psych-pop tunes that will have you breaking out the incense in no tim
'Fablefactory' are an aptly named band. Their new 18 song album, "American Custard", spins many tales through its 50 minutes and is filled with extraterrestial folk songs that explore themes ranging

Monroe Mustang
Apples In Stereo
Music Tapes

The Lone Star state has a rich musical history ('13th Floor Elevators', anyone?) and Monroe Mustang's second album, "The Elephant Sound", continues that fine tradition. By steeping themselves in space
'The Apples In Stereo' know how to wrap themselves around a catchy melody. On their new 7 song EP "Her Wallpaper Reverie", Robert Schneider and co.(John Hill, Hilarie Sidney, Eric Allen, and Chris M
Julian Koster is one prolific fellow. When not playing banjo, bowed saw, and accordion in 'Neutral Milk Hotel', he's performing and recording under the moniker 'The Music Tapes'. Koster started The M
First things first. This compilation was put together by Mike Turner, who puts out an excellent fanzine entitled the Bees Knees which covers a wide range of indie pop and rock. Looks like he's branchi

Radar Brothers
Norfolk and Western

In 1994, singer/guitarist Jim Putnam figured he'd had enough of playing wiith noise pop outfits 'Medicine' and 'Maids of Gravity' and decided to form 'The Radar Bros'. Along with bandmates Steve Goo
Understated beauty. These two words are the best way to describe Norfolk and Western's second full length record, 'Centralia'. A delicate album full of folk instrumentation intertwined with atmospheri

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