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Lowry, Salford

Wedding Present - (2016)
Wedding Present - Lowry, Salford, 11//9/2016

Dixie Ernill watches the Wedding Present play a rare all-seater gig at the Lowry Theatre in Salford in which they performed all of their new album 'Going, Going...' in its entirety accompanied by a backdrop of specially made films

Classic Rock Show - (2015)
Classic Rock Show - Lowry Quays, Manchester, 22/1/2015,

Billy Seagrave is impressed by the nine-piece Classic Rock Show's authenticity at the Lowry Quays in Manchester, which saw thenm cover songs among others by Led Zepplein, AC/DC, the Eagles and the Who

Goldfrapp - (2014)
Goldfrapp - Lowry, Manchester, 27/3/2014

Nicky Crewe watches Goldfrapp play an extraordinary and gripping show at the Lowry in Manchester

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