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O2 Academy, Oxford

Chas and Dave - (2017)
Chas and Dave - O2 Academy, Oxford, 4/12/2016

Nick Dent-Robinson watches the still undervalued Chas and Dave play an unglamorous but solid set at the O2 Academy in Oxford

Lisa Hannigan - (2016)
Lisa Hannigan - O2 Academy, Oxford, 16/10/2016

Nick Dent-Robinson explains why he feels Irish singer-songwriter Lisa Hannigan is a one-off entertainer after watching her perform a gig at the O2 Academy in Oxford

Drenge - (2014)
Drenge - O2 Academy, Oxford, 4/6/2014

At the O2 Academy in Oxford, Dastardly watches sibling duo Drenge play an intense and anarchic set

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