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Johnny Cash


Greatest HIts (2018)

Legendary country pop singer Johnny Cash is the focal point for a revisit to legendary record label Sun Records of Memphis to rediscover his early years

Bootleg Vol 1V: The Soul of Truth (2012)

Powerful collection of country gospel rarities from the late Johnny Cash, which focuses on his religious faith

Bootleg 3: Live Around the World (2011)

Flawed and mainly inessential double CD of largely unheard material from the late Johnny Cash

Bootleg Vol II: From Memphis to Hollywood (2011)

Exploitive and scrappy collection of demos and other unreleased tracks from the late Johnny Cash



Ellis Paul

Lisa Torem speaks to American singer-songwriter Ellis Paul, about his latest solo alabum 'Chasing Shadows', which, recorded in three studios, includes songs about American war veterans and Johnny Cash

John and Jehn
Interview John & Jehn - Interview

John & Jehn are a French duo who are based in London and who have just released their debut album. With influences as diverse as Serge Gainsbourg, the Velvet Underground, the Gang of Four, Joy Division and Johnny Cash, John Clarkson speaks to them about their intense on and off stage love affair


Rosanne Cash
Harris Theatre, Chicago, 29/1/2010 Bad Acid - Harris Theatre, Chicago, 29/1/2010

At the Harris Theatre in Chicago, Lisa Torem watches Rosanne Cash play a spectacular set of country rock, many of which were taken from her recent album 'The List', which takes its name from a list of 100 classic country songs that her father Johnny Cash gave to her as a girl


Sam Phillips
Raging Pages Sam Phillips - Raging Pages

Sam Phillips, the late owner of Sun Records in Memphis, brought Elvis, Johnny Cash and Jerry Lee Lewis to fame. Lisa Torem reflects on a new book that explains the back stories behind the man’s ingenuity.

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