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John Martyn


The Man Upstairs (2008)

John Martyn - The Man Upstairs

There have been a spate of John Martyn releases and reissues in recent years. Ben Howarth finds him on new DVD 'The Man Upstairs', recorded in 1978 during a high point of his career, to be nevertheless very much worth checking out



Re : View-John Martyn
One World John Parkes - One World

In 1977 at the time he recorded 'One World' acclaimed folk artist John Martyn was at his lowest ebb. Ben Howarth finds that anger and fury fuelled him to create his greatest and most diverse album


Condemned to Rock 'n' Roll
March 2009 Miscellaneous - March 2009

In the latest instalment in his 'Condemned to Rock 'n' Roll' column, Ben Howarth looks back on the career and music of the late John Martyn

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