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Joe Strummer


London HMV Oxford Street, 16/7/2001

Joe Strummer - London HMV Oxford Street, 16/7/2001

I never got the Clash at all, I'm afraid. But in these days now, when indie has got somewhat boring, it's worth checking out the old chaps to see if they can still cut it in the Y2K. As I said, I never got the Clash but they never pissed me off either. Wa


A Life 1952-2002 (2003)

Joe Strummer - A Life 1952-2002

Long term Clash fan Denzil Watson looks back and reflects upon on the extraordinary life and the untimely death of Joe Strummer



Joe Strummer Jocasta - Joe Strummer

With the Clash front man Joe Strummer's final two albums, 2001’s ‘Global A Go-Go’ and the posthumously-released 2003 record ‘Streetcore’ having been reissued to coincide with his sixtieth birthday, Malcolm Carter examines both reissues


Give 'Em the Boot Miscellaneous - Give 'Em the Boot

Anthony Strutt examines Dutch punk label Hellcat's new DVD 'Give 'Em the Boot', which features footage of some of the best bands on their roster including Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros, Rancid, Horrorpops and the Dropkick Murphys

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