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Lifeline (2007)

Blissful and redemptive post rock with a touch of punk-metal and industrialism on new EP from Jesu, the latest project of ex-Napalm Death and Godflesh star Justin Broadrick

Conqueror (2007)

Surprisingly mellow and subdued second album from JESU, the project of Justin Broadrick, the former frotnman with Napalm Death and Godflesh


Reverence 2
ICA, London, 27/11/2009 Miscellaneous - ICA, London, 27/11/2009

...while on the second night he sees sets by Swervedriver, New York-based based-band the Deprecation Guild and Jesu

Isis, Jesu and Zozobra
Barrymore's, Ottawa, 19/3/2007 Isis - Barrymore's, Ottawa, 19/3/2007

On the Ottawa date of a tour organised by the heavy metal Hydrahead label, Andrew Carver sess three of their acts, Isis, Jesu and Zozobra play entertaining sets

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