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Jesse Malin


Interview (2004)

Jesse Malin - Interview

Much acclaimed singer-songwriter Jesse Malin recently returned with his second album, 'The Heat'. He speaks to Emma Haigh about how he has avoided the pitfalls of making the same album twice


Fez, Reading, 1/10/2004

Jesse Malin - Fez, Reading, 1/10/2004

On a recent British tour Jesse Malin accompanied himself with just a piano, an acoustic guitar and a feamle backing singer. Philip Viincent discovers exactly what a little "close harmony" can do


On Your Sleeve (2008)

Unadventurous and somewhat bland collection of covers on fourth album from the usually dynamic New York-based singer-songwriter Jesse Malin

Love Streams (2007)

Overtly polished, but thoroughly disappointing latest single from much hyped New York singer songwriter Jesse Malin

Broken Radio (2007)

Punchy new single from New York-based singer-song writer, which features Bruce Springsteen on backing vocals

Glitter in the Gutter (2007)

Inspired third solo album from much acclaimed New York-based alt. country singer-songwriter Jesse Malin, which finds him re-establishing the punk sound of his youth

Mona Lisa (2004)

Americana-inflected rock 'n' roll of the highest order from Jesse Malin, which finds him abandoning some of his previous Ryan Adam associations and much more asserting his own voice

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