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Animal Collective


Forum, London, 24/3/2009

At a keenly anticipated, strikingly visual show at the Forum in London, Mark Rowland watches pioneering electro act Animal Collective play a set which completely splits its audience

Bronson Theatre Centre, Ottawa, 8/9/2007

Animal Collective - Bronson Theatre Centre, Ottawa, 8/9/2007

Despite an unnecessary accompanying light show and playing a less-than-ideal seating venue , Andrew Carver finds much to admire in avant-garde psychedelic rockers Animal Collective's show at the Ottawa Bronson Centre Theatre

Coronet Club, London, 11/7/2007

Animal Collective - Coronet Club, London, 11/7/2007

At gig at the London Coronet Club, Chris O' Toole enjoys seeing electro pioneers the Animal Collective play an enthrallingly experimental set

Scala, London, 25/10/2005

Animal Collective - Scala, London, 25/10/2005

Dominic Simpson watches experimental free spirits the Animal Collective play a shamanistic and eclectic set at a packed show at the legendary London Scala


Profile (2005)

Animal Collective - Profile

With their new album 'Feels' just out, Dominic Simpson profiles the career of idiosyncratic and experimental New York-based American psychedelia act the Animal Collective


My Girls (2009)

Enthralling, long overdue breakthrough single for New York-based electro pioneers, Animal Collective

Merriweather Post Pavilion (2009)

Vibrant eighth album from Baltimore-based avant-garde act Animal Collective, upon which while they have not compromised their experimental sound proves to be their most accessible and commercial release to date

Strawberry Jam (2007)

Fantastic collection of warped psychedelic folk-pop on latest album from the critically praised Animal Collective

Peachbone (2007)

Splendid new single from the Animal Collective, the first on Domino Records

Hollinndagain (2006)

Re-release of 2002 live album from the Animal Collective, which was first time around limited to just 300 copies

Grass (2005)

Multi-layered new single from "freak folk" act Animal Collective, who prove to be "the aural equivalent of a crowded room"

Prospect Hummer (2005)

New single from psychedelic ethno-folk New York trio the Animal Collective, which finds them collaborating with mysterious cult 60’s British folk singer Vashti Bunyan

Spirit They're Gone Spirit They've Vanished (2003)

Timely reissue of first two albums by "intelligent percussion" experimentalists and New York trio Animal Collective, who have just finished touring with Four Tet



Animal Collective
Astoria 2, London, 1/11/2007 Angels Of Light - Astoria 2, London, 1/11/2007

At the Astoria 2 in London, Sarah Maybank watches experimental art trio Animal Collective play a dark relationship conflict-inducing, but hit-and-miss set

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