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Holly Johnson
Interview Holly Johnson - Interview

Ex-Frankie Goes To Hollywood front man Holly Johnson speaks to John Clarkson about ‘Europa’, his first solo studio album in fifteen years

Interview Haywains - Interview

First formed in 1988, influential Bristol indie pop group the Haywains released two albums on Vinyl Japan in the mid 90's. Tommy Gunnarsson speaks to guitarist Paul Towler about the groups' eight year history

Mike West
Man from Delmonte Interview Man From Delmonte - Man from Delmonte Interview

Nowadays there are not many who remember them. The good people at Vinyl Japan, however, luckily do, and have graced us with two fine CD issues, one called 'The Good Things In Life', which is a compilation of most of the material they recorded during their

Can't Stop Us Mexico/Japan Cat Power - Can't Stop Us Mexico/Japan

Aaron Brown finds New York punk band the Casualties' DVD of their recent tour of Mexico and Japan shoddy, but fascinating

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