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Hot Snakes


Peel Sessions (2005)

'Explosive combination of energetic guitar riffs and growling vocals" from the ever reliable Hot Snakes in what became the last John Peel session ever transmitted before his untimely death

Audit In Progress (2005)

Raucous, crowd-pleasing third album from exciting and inventive power rockers, Hot Snakes

Suicide Invoice (2002)

"Bigger and better" second album of "intense rock and roll" from garage rock supergroup, the Hot Snakes, which features ex-members of Rocker from the Crypt, Drive like Jehu and the Delta 72

Automatic Midnight (2001)

Another brainchild from John Reis of Rocket from the Crypt and Drive like Jehu fame, only this time in the form of Hot Snakes out of San Diego, California. Featuring prominently as well are Rick Fork

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