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An American Starlet


Interview (2002)

An American Starlet - Interview

An American Starlet is a new act from San Francisco, which has recently self- released its debut album 'Sweet Country Lullabies from An American Starlet' on its own Starletsweb label. The group, which was born out of the ashes of two other Bay Area band


Sweet Country Lullabies (2001)

While in part ironic, 'Sweet Country Lullabies...' is a deceptive title. The debut CD by An American Starlet is at one level very much a country album. Much of it also sounds very sweet. A few of its



An American Starlet
Interview Sadovaja - Interview

After relocating from San Francisco to Seattle, Ian Parks has recreated his acclaimed alt. country project An American Starlet with an almost entirely new line-up. He and vocalist Liz Green talk to us about their new album, 'The Duchess of Hazard'

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