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Roundhouse, London, 3/4/2017

Grandaddy - Roundhouse, London, 3/4/2017

Chris O'Toole enjoys a wistful and understated set at the Roundhouse in London from critically acclaimed California-formed indie act Grandaddy


Sophtware Slump (2001)

This old fart remembers the days of Lou Reed's "Berlin" and I wonder if in twenty years time I'll still be as stunned by this Grandaddy album as I am by that. Right now, I'd say: 'yes' ! "The Sophtwa



Reading Festival
24/8/2003 Miscellaneous - 24/8/2003

...while on the third and final day he watches sets by the All American Rejects, Primal Scream, Sum 41, Grandaddy and Metallica

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