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Fuzz (2013)

Flawed but exhilarating garage rock on debut album from Californian trio Fuzz, which includes the much acclaimed singer-songwriter Ty Segall on drums


Interview T.O.Y.S. - Interview

Dominic Simpson chats to fuzz bassist Adam John Miller from London/Leeds-based lo-fi indie pop/Krautrock trio T.O.Y.S. about their two EPS to date and how its members balance playing in it with being in two cities and also having various other groups


Pop Espontáneo JODI - Pop Espontáneo

Paraguyan brothers Joern and Dirk Wenger, known as JODI, released one album in 1971, and since then psych/fuzz collectors have been searching for more recordings. They're here now, and Tommy Gunnarsson takes us through a new collection.

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