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Alkaline Trio


ABC, Glasgow, 24/5/2010

Alkaline Trio - ABC, Glasgow, 24/5/2010

At the ABC in Glasgow, Tony Gaughan watches a monotonous and late starting set from Chicago-based punk/grunger heroes the Alkaline Trio out on the road to showcase their new album, 'This Addiction'


Goddamnit (2008)

Alkaline Trio - Goddamnit

In our 'Re: View' series, in which our writers look back at albums from the past, Adrian Huggins assesses Chicago punks the Alkaline Trio's 1998 debut album, 'Goddamnit !', which has just been re-released in a remixed and remastered version


Agony and Irony (2008)

Superbly ambitious sixth album from hardcore veterans the Alkaline Trio, which while remaining lyrically very dark, finds them experimenting with a more upbeat sound

Remains (2007)

Excellent B sides and rarities collection from much acclaimed hardcore rockers the Alkaline Trio

Mercy Me (2005)

Melodic punk rock on second single from Alkaline Trio's new album 'Cimson'

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