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Ed Harcourt


From Every Sphere (2003)

First record in two years from out-of-fashion, but "witty" and "imaginative" songwriting genius, Ed Harcourt

Here Be Monsters (2001)

'Here Be Monsters' is the follow up to Ed Harcourt’s debut mini-album 'Maplewood', and has won acclaim seemingly everywhere, leading to a nomination for the Mercury music prize. It features new versio



Hush the Many
Interview Miscellaneous - Interview

Hush the Many's whispering atmospherics have been gaining much acclaim, and they are about to begin a tour with Ed Harcourt. Jamie Rowland talks to them about their unique sound at a London gig


Academy 3, Manchester, 6/10/2007 Veils - Academy 3, Manchester, 6/10/2007

At the Academy 3 in Manchester, Dixie Ernill watches intense New York rockers the Veils blast their way through a whirlwind set on a support date to Ed Harcourt

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