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Dinosaur Jr


Interview (2005)

Dinosaur Jr - Interview

About to reform, Dinosaur Jr were one of the great guitar acts of the 89's, but fell apart in spectacular fashion after recording three classic albums. Frontman J Mascis talks to Mark Rowland about their traumatic break up and getting back together


Profile (2019)

Dinosaur Jr - Profile

Mark Rowland examines Dinosaur Jr's four 1990's albums, which have just been re-released in expanded and remastered editions on Cherry Red.


Capital Music Hall, Ottawa, 22/1/2010

Dinosaur Jr - Capital Music Hall, Ottawa, 22/1/2010

Andrew Carver watches reformed grunge rockers Dinosaur Jr plays an excellent, if deafening show at the Capital Music Hall in Ottawa

Metro, London, 28/2/2007

Dinosaur Jr - Metro, London, 28/2/2007

In front of a specially invited audience, Neil Palmer watches J. Mascis play a ferocious and powerful set to promote 'Beyond', his reformed band Dinosaur Jr's forthcoming first album in over 15 years


Dinosaur Jr (2009)

Dinosaur Jr - Dinosaur Jr

In the second instalment of his 'This Metal sky' series, in which he will examining in depth a new piece of music each month, Jeff Thiessen looks at Dinosaur Jr's latest comeback album, 'Farm'

Profile (2006)

Dinosaur Jr - Profile

After Lou Barlow's departure from influential late 80's grunge group Dinosaur Jr the band carried on with J Mascis taking the helm. Mark Rowland looks at the band's first post-Barlow albums, 'Green Mind' and 'Where You Been' which have been reissued


Pieces (2009)

Impassioned latest single, the second from their ninth studio album for influential alternative rockers, Dinosaur Jr

Over It (2009)

Superb latest combeack single from grunge veterans, Dinosaur Jr

Freak Scene (2005)

Re-release of forefathers of US grunge Dinosaur Jr's finest moment



Bardo Pond
Interview Bardo Pond - Interview

Since 1989 Philadelphia space rock act Bardo Pond have recorded countless albums and toured alongside the likes of Mogwai,Dinosaur Jr and Acid Mothers Temple. Guitarist Michael Gibbons chats to Dominic Simpson about the band's latest album 'Ticket Crystals' and the band's unique methods of recording


All Tomorrow's Parties
Minehead, Somerset, 8/12/2006...10/12/2006 Miscellaneous - Minehead, Somerset, 8/12/2006...10/12/2006

Dominic Simpson casts his mind back on December's All Tomorrow's Parties long weekend, which was curated by Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth, and featured performances from among others Fursaxa, Deerhof, the Gang of Four, Dinosaur Jr and Iggy and the Stooges


Lou Barlow
Babylon, Ottawa, 4/10/2005 Lou Barlow - Babylon, Ottawa, 4/10/2005

Lou Barlow has had a storied career in indie music, first with Dinosaur Jr., then with Sebadoh/Sentridoh and the Folk Implosion. but has now turned solo. At a show in Ottawa, Andrew Carver watches him give an understated but sublime performance.


Bakesale Sebadoh - Bakesale

Richard Lewis examines ex-Dinosaur Jr. guitarist Lou Barlow's band Sebadoh's 1994 fourth album, 'Bakesale'


Condemned to Rock 'n' Roll
August 2012 Miscellaneous - August 2012

In 'Condemned to Rock 'n' Roll', Ben Howarth writes about Dinosaur Jr's third album, 'I Bet on Sky', which is due out in September

Mitch Easter
Profile Miscellaneous - Profile

Producer Mitch Easter has worked with R.E.M., Pavement, Dinosaur Jr and Velvet Crush , but for many years also fronted his own band Let's Active. With a Let's Active tribute album just out, Malcolm Carter takes the opportunity to assess his career

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