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Slippin Out (2001)

Delta have been struggling since 1993. Although they have spent much of the period since then signed to Acid Jazz records they did not manage to actually release a single record through them. Luckily

This City's Bigger Than Both Of Us (2001)

In a time when a band is called retro if they use a Rickenbacker guitar, Delta go the whole way towards sixties revivalism – right down to those falsetto harmonies. All 4 tracks from this EP could hav



Interview with Peter Coyne Godfathers - Interview with Peter Coyne

Peter Coyne, the frontman with The Godfathers, speaks to Denzil Watson about their critically acclaimed new album, ‘Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta’.

Interview Toy - Interview

Anthony Strutt speaks to Maxim Barron about acclaimed Korg Delta led five-piece TOY’s two recent singles and his band’s debut album which will be out later this year.


Bob Log III Bob Log III - Bob Log III

Matt Williams takes photographs of one-man punk band and psycho-delta blues musician Bob Log III at a show at the Boileroom in Guildford

Bob Log III
Garage, London, 30/10/2004 Ella Guru - Garage, London, 30/10/2004

Arizonian Bob Log III has just finished touring his unique brand of "psycho-delta blues" on a British tour with Franz Ferdinand and the Kills . At a headline show in London, Dominic Simpson watches him play a spellbinding set


Rock Salt Row
July 2010 Miscellaneous - July 2010

In 'Rock Salt Row' Lisa Torem talks to another Pennyblackmusic writer each month about a different issue in rock. In this edition, she talks to Adrian Huggins, who plays bass in the Newcastle-based dance/rock group Delta Sound, about the often under acknowledged role of the bassist in groups

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