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Dead Meadow


Firebug, Leicester, 2/10/2013

Dead Meadow - Firebug, Leicester, 2/10/2013

Anthony Strutt is excited by American three-piece Dead Meadow's psychedelic blues in a deafening show at the Firebug in Leicester

Babylon, Ottawa, 3/7/2004

Dead Meadow - Babylon, Ottawa, 3/7/2004

Despite the critical praise and underground credibility of Dead Meadow, the Icarus Line and the 400 Blows their recent triple bill show Ottawa had a lacklustre turnout. Andrew Carver watches a worthwhile gig take place against the odds


Dead Meadow (2013)

Dead Meadow - Dead Meadow

Richard Lewis reflects on much acclaimed Washington DC psychedelic/stoner rockers Dead Meadow's 2000 eponymous debut album, which has just been reissued


The Nothing They Need (2018)

Washington DC’s psych rockers Dead Meadow breeze through album number eight like nothing has changed at all

Warble Womb (2013)

First-rate combination of psychedelia and blues on seventh album from Washington DC-based band, Dead Meadow

Old Growth (2008)

Rewarding latest slbum from 60's and 70's psychedelic-influenced act, Dead Meadow

Dead Meadow (2006)

Unashamedly retro psychedelic rock on influential American rockers' Dead Meadow's 1998 debut album, which appears in a new remixed and remastered version

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