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David Grubbs


Interview (2013)

David Grubbs - Interview

Paul Waller talks to New York-based experimental musician and solo artist David Grubbs about his early years with influential hardcore bands Squirrel Bait and Bitch Magnet and his new album ‘The Plain Where the Palace Stood’


Spitz, London, 12/6/2005

David Grubbs - Spitz, London, 12/6/2005

David Grubbs is best known for his work with Jim O' Rourke in post-rock group Gastr del Sol, but now has a three album solo career. Anthony Dhanendran watches him play a sometimes brilliant, but confusing set at the London Spitz


An Optimist Notes the Dusk (2008)

Melodically rich first album in four years from experimental New York-based musician David Grubbs, who has partially returned to form after a string of uninspiring albums

The Spectrum Between (2001)

The second solo album of David Grubbs is an exquisite combination of post Van Dyke Parks and new wave rock in the style of David Byrne. In his previous band, as one half of Gastro del Sol, there w

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