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Daniel Johnston


Interview (2009)

Daniel Johnston - Interview

Mark Rowland speaks to damaged musical genius Daniel Johnston about his forthcoming album, 'Is and Always Was'. which has been produced by Paul McCartney producer Jason Falkner, and his long musical history


Daniel Johnston (2009)

Daniel Johnston - Daniel Johnston

Frail musical genius Daniel Johnston's albums will be reissued gradually over the rest of this year. Mark Rowland reflects upon the first of these reissues, his 1983 album, 'Yip/Jump Music', and a compilation, 'Welcome to My World'


Bloomsbury Ballroom, London, 31/10/2009

Daniel Johnston - Bloomsbury Ballroom, London, 31/10/2009

At a show at the Bloomsbury Ballroom in London, Anthony Middleton watches Daniel Johnston play an erratic, but heartfelt and ultimately compelling set


Is and Always Was (2010)

Recent album from eccentric genius Daniel Johnston, which, while as strange as ever, finds him adding volume and showing that when he decides to he is able also to rock hard

Rejected Unknown (2001)

It's been over five years since 'Fun', Daniel Johnston's last album, was thrown onto the market by the Atlantic label, and four and a half since it became available as a cut out. Daniel Johnston has



Bad Weather California
Interview Bad Weather California - Interview

Jamie Rowland chats to Chris Adolf, the front man with Denver-based band bad Weather California about their second album which has just been released on Akron/Family’s Family Tree Records, touring and playing back-up for Daniel Johnston

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