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Dan Sartain


Interview (2007)

Dan Sartain - Interview

Dan Sartain has been receiving a lot of acclaim for his brand of garage blues/punk rock. Mark Rowland chats to the Alabama-based singer-songwriter, who has recently signed to One Little Indian, about his recording career to date, and his dissatisfaction the current music scene


100 Club, London, 7/2/2007

Dan Sartain - 100 Club, London, 7/2/2007

Dan Cressey finds acclaimed Alabama-based singer-songwriter Dan Sartain to be like a reincarnated Bill Haley in a fantastic show at the 100 Club in London


Too Tough to Live (2012)

Infectious lo-fi mini-album from Birmingham, Alabama-based singer-songwriter Dan Sartain, which merges late 50's rock 'n' roll with a punk edge

Lives (2010)

Energetic-sounding rock 'n' roll on first album in four years from Alabama-born multi-instrumentalist, Dan Sartain

Join Dan Sartain (2007)

Rootsy rock 'n' roll on second album from American-based singer-songwriter Dan Sartain whose whose music is is a post punk version of the vintage Sun Records sound

Dan Sartain Vs The Serpientes (2006)

Stunning lo-fi rock 'n' roll on debut album from Alabama born 23 year old multi instrumentalist, Dan Sartain

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