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Mike Peters


Interview (2016)

Mike Peters - Interview

While on his 'Spirit of ’86' anniversary tour in North America Alarm frontman Mike Peters discusses with Kimberly Bright his extensive career, punk, technology, his Love Hope Strength Foundation for cancer victims and his Welsh identity



Interview with Mike Peters Part 2 Alarm - Interview with Mike Peters Part 2

In the second part of our Alarm interview, the first part of which we published last month, frontman Mike Peters talks to Anthony Strutt about the recent release of all his band's old albums, and his side project , punk supergroup, Dead Men Walking


Dead Men Walking
Venue, Edinburgh, 13/10/2004 Miscellaneous - Venue, Edinburgh, 13/10/2004

Billed as "an acoustic punk supergroup", Dead Men Walking includes Glen Matlock, Mike Peters, Kirk Brandon, Bruce Watson and Slim Jim Phantom. John Clarkson enjoys their Edinburgh show on their latest tour

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