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Dale Hibbert


Interview (2016)

Dale Hibbert - Interview

On the back of his recent book, 'Boy, Interrupted', original Smiths’ bassist Dale Hibbert opens up to Dixie Ernill about his life both in and out of music.

Boy, Interrupted (2016)

Dale Hibbert - Boy, Interrupted

Dixie Ernill enjoys 'Boy, Interrupted', a fascinating life story of Dale Hibbert, who is so much more than just a former Smith



The Sound of the Smiths Smiths - The Sound of the Smiths

'The Sounds of the Smiths' is a new Smiths compilation which has been issued as both a single and a double disc. Anthony Strutt gives it a track-by-track preview


Ten Songs That Made Me Love...
The Smiths Smiths - The Smiths

In a new series, in which our writers write about ten songs that made them love a favourite band, Andy Cassidy begins by reflecting on the Smiths

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