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Everlasting Yeah


Anima Rising (2015)

Fantastic debut album from the Everlasting Yeah, which formed out of the ashes of That Petrol Emotion will definitely appeal to fans of that group



Damian O'Neill
Interview Damian O'Neill - Interview

Denzil Watson talks to Undertones and That Petrol Emotion guitarist Damian O'Neill about his debut solo album 'Resit Revise Reprise', which is being released under the moniker of Damian O’Neill and The Monotones.

That Petrol Emotion
Interview That Petrol Emotion - Interview

At a show in Nottingham, Denzil Watson speaks to vocalist Steve Mack and guitarist Raymond Gorman from 80s angular guitar pop outfit That Petrol Emotion about their critically acclaimed band and its recent reformation after an absence of nearly fifteen years


Favourite Albums : That Petrol Emotion
Babble That Petrol Emotion - Babble

Every now and again a band comes along that refashions the very fabric that rock'n'roll's rich tapestry is made from. And, as is the way, it is more often than not that it is these innovatory forces t


Gig of a Lifetime
That Petrol Emotion, Town and Country Club, London, 1988 That Petrol Emotion - That Petrol Emotion, Town and Country Club, London, 1988

In our 'Gig of Our Lifetime' column, Denzil Watson writes of attending a gig with Californian/Irish alt. rockers That Petrol Emotion at the legendary Town and Country Club in London

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