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Orphan Boy


Interview (2015)

Orphan Boy - Interview

Dave Goodwin speaks to indie rock band Orphan Boy about their reformation, recent third album 'Coastal Tones' and heavy touring


Spiders Web, Grimsby, 23/7/2016

Orphan Boy - Spiders Web, Grimsby, 23/7/2016

Dave Goodwin catches up with Orphan Boy in their own backyard at The Spiders Web in Grimsby for a warm and energetic night of anthemic proportions

Victoria Inn, Derby, 3/10/3015

Orphan Boy - Victoria Inn, Derby, 3/10/3015

Dave Goodwin watches Orphan Boy, despite sound problems, play an anthemic set at the Victoria Inn in Derby


Coastal Tones (2015)

Anthemic third album from reformed Grimsby-based band Orphan Boy, which reflects on Britain's twenty-first century society

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