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Louise Aubrie


Interview (2019)

Louise Aubrie - Interview

Malcolm Carter speaks to London singer-songwriter Louise Aubrie about her new solo album 'When I Don’t Love You I’ll Let You Know’ and the surprising influence of Cary Grant on it.

Interview (2013)

Louise Aubrie - Interview

London-born singer-songwriter Louise Aubrie talks to Malcolm Carter about her decision to move to New York, working with Morrissey guitarist and producer Boz Boorer and her just released second album, 'Time Honoured Alibi’


When I Don't Love You I'll Let You Know (2019)

First-rate fourth album from London and New York-based singer-songwriter Louise Aubrie which is her most diverse and enjoyable set yet

Late 44 (2015)

London born but New York based Louise Aubrie changes producer and band for her third album, but still retains her unique blend of classic pop and punk and revals herself to be again in a class of her own

Time Honoured Alibi (2013)

Exceptional second album from London-born but now New York-based singer-songwriter, Louise Aubrie

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