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Gretchen Peters


Interview (2016)

Gretchen Peters - Interview

Owen Peters talks to the critically acclaimed Gretchen Peters about her lengthy musical career and her new double CD compilation album, 'The Essential Gretchen Peters'


Dancing with the Beast (2018)

Impressive latest album from American singer-songwriter Gretchen Peters, whose combination of sweet vocals and sad lyrics tells the stories of those who need a voice, and which features songs that will become classics in her repertoire

Blackbirds (2015)

Atmospheric and career-defining eighth album from the much acclaimed Nashville-based singer-songwriter Gretchen Peters, which finds her reflecting upon mortality

Hello Cruel World (2012)

Intensely personal, but ultimately triumphant ninth solo album from Nashville-based Grammy nominee, Gretchen Peters



Cornbury Festival
Great Tew Park, Oxfordshire, 29/6/2012...1/7/2012 Miscellaneous - Great Tew Park, Oxfordshire, 29/6/2012...1/7/2012

Nick Dent-Robinson enjoys Oxfordshire's Cornbury Festival which, combining the traditional qualities of a garden party with a world class array of acts, saw performances from among others Gretchen Peters, Elvis Costello, Seasick Steve and Sam Brown and Her International Ukulele Club of Sonning Commo

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